Commercial painting contractors in the south of england

Decorative Painting

Our association with some of the largest commercial businesses in the South has meant ensuring the highest levels of customer service in all that we do.

For large commercial painting projects, we are able to negotiate special rates from our suppliers for materials to be used on the job. This helps us to be cost efficient and offer competitive pricing for your project.

Our knowledge gained in the commercial and industrial decorating sector is second to none. All jobs are carried out with the utmost care, by highly skilled professionals and a flawless end result guaranteed. We work closely with your business from the early stages of the project and can tailor our methods to work around your plans and timings seamlessly. We offer a range of spray and traditional painting services that can help to speed up the project which offer a flawless finish.

Our specialist team can carry out Intumescent spray painting on commercial and industrial projects of all sizes. We always take into consideration required time-scales, restriction to working areas and importantly, the Health and safety requirements. Our team work well with other contractors onsite and can deliver an out of hours service to minimise business disruption if required.

A lot of our clients are increasingly asking us to carry out the decorative works packages on their projects, mainly down to putting this within the intumescent painting package as depending on where the structural steels are most are left on show thus requiring an highly decorative finish. Not only do we paint the steelwork to any RAL required, we also paint blockwork and partition walls, floors and ceilings.

Intumescent Painting

Intumescent paint is a spray applied coating that protects steel members within a building. It is a substance that, as a result of heat exposure, swells and increases in volume to protect the steel it has been applied to. The protection of a structure or fire boundary is law and depending on the nature of the building(s) there will be a required fire protection rating, this will determine the amount of intumescent paint that is required to be applied in order to achieve the desired rating.