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Air Conditioning Contractors

You might be looking to keep cool but did you know that modern air conditioning also heats, in a cost effective manner?

With 10 years experience Nextgen can help you save money and keep your environment at the right temperature all year round. When you come to us for air conditioning you will receive a very personal service. Each project is treated as a new project, as an individual task, with the understanding that your needs are completely different to another’s.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

In a nutshell efficient running costs are the benefit of air conditioning. Not only do you have heating and cooling in one unit but you also have the flexibility of having it switched on or off in whichever room you like. In the winter you can have one room heated and another dormant meeting room switched off. If you want to do that with a normal, conventional central heating system, you would have to go round and manually turn all the radiators off.

With a modern air conditioning system you can do that from various types of controller or smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. You can also have the individual unit timed to go on. If you know that every evening you go to bed at 10:00 set the timer for five to ten and you room will be perfect when you enter. Meanwhile the spare bedroom can remain unheated and keeping your home more efficient. Or if you know staff always arrive at 8:45 in the morning, but only use two rooms, then those rooms can be pre-programmed to heat up 15 minutes before they arrive.

In the summer the same unit can make a room cool before you enter. It is that flexibility that can help improve the ambience of a room, office and building in all seasons. It can make work more productive and home a comfortable place to be all year round.